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Stay healthy and happy with our sensational massage treatments. Call Gaya Spa on 02 6281 7327 today to schedule your next booking.

Do you know when you will re-open from forced shutdown due to COVID-19?

Currently Gaya spa’s both branches Phillip ACT & Wanniassa ACT are open. However we need to comply with government regulations and advice. At this stage it is mandatory to scan COVID QR code as soon as our client visits our premises. Please monitor ACT Health website for updates.

Can you purchase a gift card for a specific treatment?

Gaya Spa’s Gift Cards are available for all treatments - just call us on 0262817327 or 0261819200 if you wish to purchase. We will process the transaction over the phone and send you receipt via email with the voucher.

Can you request for a physical gift voucher to be posted to receiver?

If you would rather a physical Gift Card to be posted rather than emailed, please contact us at or 0262817327 to organise details and postage. A postage fee might apply depending post code.

How do you book treatments online?

Currently we do not have onlinr booking system. If you have any questions about bookings please contact us at or call 0262817327 or 0261819200.

How do I decide which spa treatment is best for me?

We have classified the spa treatments according to their treatment type or speciality in our website, a brief description of the different types is available in massages tab. For more information about our treatment please call Gaya spa on 0262817327

Are there any Spa Etiquettes that I should be aware of?

To respect everyone's spa experience, we do ask that noise levels at kept to a minimum and that your mobile phone is set to silent before entering the spa. We recommend that you avoid alcohol consumption prior to your spa treatment and where possible make alternative arrangements for children

This is my first time at the spa, should I arrive earlier?

For your first visit to the spa we ask that you arrive five to seven minutes prior to your appointment time to allow time for you to complete your consultation form, meet your therapist, and be ready for your spa experience.

I’m running late for my appointment

Arriving late will unfortunately limit the time of your treatment. Please contact the spa as soon as possible to notify that you are running late. If you are more than 20 minutes late without contact, your treatment will be reallocated and a cancellation fee may apply.

What should I wear to the spa?

Please wear clothes to the spa that you find comfortable. During treatments our therapists will provide appropriate garments for protect your privacy.

I am pregnant, is it safe to have treatments?

We offer treatments with products and techniques that are specifically designed to be safe during pregnancy. Please notify us of your pregnancy when booking your treatments.

Where should I park?

Time restricted parking is available for Gayaspa Phillip on Colbee court, directly outside the spa and Gayaspa Wanniassa the parking are in front of the shop. Weekend both locations have free parking all day & weekdays after 5pm.

Do I have to provide my credit card details to secure a booking?

We do ask for credit cards details to secure bookings for the following; group bookings, any package treatment or bookings over the value of $50 on weekends.

What is the cancellation policy?

We kindly requests 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of any treatments. We impose a 50% cancellation fee for late cancellation. Credit card details are requested at the time of your booking and the cancellation fee will be charged to the nominated card.

Is there any extra discount on treatments if I pay by cash?

Unfortunately we do not have any extra discounts whether you pay by card or cash and we do not charge extras for transaction fees.

Is there any extra discount on treatments if I am a member of Public Servant or Australian government department?

Unfortunately we do not offer any special discounts for clients working in Australian Government departments. However if the client is disable and holds a disable card with their details we do offer discounts please contact us by calling 02 62817327

Are you open Sundays or Public Holidays?

We are open Sundays and Public Holidays, the trading hour might vary please contact us before visiting.

Got more questions for us? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at or call us on 0262817327