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Spa Treatment Stones


Stay healthy and happy with our sensational massage treatments. Call Gaya Spa on 02 6281 7327 today to schedule your next booking.

  • Traditional Thai
    This classic massage is a very different style of massage. Instead of the normal rubbing and kneading associated with most massage therapies, Thai massage employs more stretching and joint manipulation without the use of oil. It's a much more physical massage and can sometimes seem painful but is excellent for increasing range of motion and reducing stress. Good For : Someone who enjoys a stronger massage and wants to try something a little different
  • Relaxation / Swedish
    A Swedish or Relaxation massage is designed to relax you with gentle to medium pressure and generally uses oil. It's usually described as a pain free, pampering massage and concentrates on blood flow and relaxing the customer. Good For: Anyone who is having massage for the first time or for someone who simply wants to relax. This type of massage is ideal for a gift voucher or as a present to someone special.
  • Deep Tissue / Sports
    This style of massage is considerably firmer than a Swedish or Relaxation massage. It uses similar techniques to the pushing and kneading employed in Swedish but tries to get deeper into muscle fibre and knots or pressure points. Good For : Sports people and manual workers who need relief from lower back pain or tight muscles after an event or a hard day’s work.
  • Pregnancy Massage
    This is mainly given during the second or third trimester and can be either relaxation or deeper tissue, depending on your wishes. The most notable difference between this and other massages is that you will be laying on your back or side for the massage. Good For : Pregnant women with lower back pain or who just need a bit of TLC.
  • Remedial Massage
    This type of massage focuses on specific problems that you may encounter. Lower or upper back pain, shoulder pain, sore calves/thighs or headaches all can benefit from Remedial Massage. This is a highly specialised type of massage and requires a great deal of training and experience to be able to do well. Good For: Office workers with sore shoulders or stiff necks as well as anyone with muscle related injuries that can be assisted by massage.
  • Hot Stone Massage
    Once again, this style of massage is at the more relaxing end of the spectrum. It is particularly good for circulation and, after a normal type of massage is completed, employs the use of warmed stones to generate heat in the tissues. It is a very relaxing and calming style of massage, particularly on cold winter's days. Good For: Anyone who enjoys Swedish or Relaxation massage and would like to go that little bit further.
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